Peran Serta Masyarakat Dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup Di Indonesia

Rahmawan Dhany


The law consists of recorded rules that society will enforce. Those recorded rules are created in various ways. Statutes are one of that recorded rules in civil law legal system, while common law doctrines are shaped over the course of many years in court decissions. One of main sources of those laws is local value. Values play an indirect role in environmental regulatory system to create a new law. Those values may come from public participation. The importance of public participation is recognized in principle 10 of the Rio Declaration that have been developed at as international level as evidenced by the Aarhus convention. The convention consist of three pillars of promoting public participation: 1) access to environmental information; 2) public participation in environmental deccission making; and 3) acces to justice in environmental matters. The first comprehensive recorded rule that governs human activity in the matter of environment in Indonesia was published in 1982 by environmental management act 1982. The law has been amandemented by act no 27 of 1997, and the lattest by act no. 32 of 2009.
Keywords: Environmental Law, Public Participation

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